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Beard Oil + Beard Wash + Beard Wax

Ayushmann's Beard Care Box

  • Essentials for the complete beard grooming regime, curated by one gentleman for another.

    Carefully picked by our brand ambassador, Ayushmann Khurrana, this curated combo gives you the entire regime you need to follow to grow an envious beard like his. Enriched with nourishing ingredients and essential oils, the products in this combo will help you not just cleanse and manage your beard, but also promote growth and help style it better.


    Almond & Thyme Beard Oil (30 ml)

    Almond & Thyme Beard Wash (100 ml)

    Almond & Thyme Beard Wax (50 gm)


    Almond and Thyme Beard Oil - Get that thick heavy beard you've always wanted with a little help from our specially formulated Almond and Thyme beard oil, made with all natural ingredients. Packed with Vitamin E, this oil works to nourish and smoothen your mane, enhancing manageability and shine. Nourish each hair from the root, and moisturise your skin, leaving it soft and blemish free. The calming earthy scent of thyme not only has a relaxing effect on your body, but also slows down hair fall and promotes hair density. 

    Almond and Thyme Beard Wash - Give your beard the royal treatment with our specially formulated Almond and Thyme beard wash, made with all natural ingredients. Every time you rinse your beard with this wash, you clean each hair from the root up without stealing moisture from the beard or your skin. The calming earthy scents of almond oil and thyme have a relaxing effect on your body, and promote thick, strong and shiny beard growth.

    Almond and Thyme Beard Wax - Give your beard the nutrients it deserves. Pamper it with the natural moisturising benefits of Almond that is rich in Vitamin E and other beard-friendly nutrients that penetrate the hair to soften, strengthen and nourish it. Thyme lends a woody scent as well as phytonutrients vital for beard growth.