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Razor+ Blades+ Magnetic Stand + Razor Case

Signature Shaving Kit

  • Don’t just Shine, Sparkle!

    The signature shaving set collection details:

    Premium 5 Blade Razor:

    The Man Company Premium Razor comes with 5+1 blades made with German technology. The ionic carbon edge technology of these diamond-coated blades and a styling trimmer blade placed at the back makes this razor a cut above. A special lubricated strip is placed right on top of the 5 blades. The Razor is provided with a comfortable, light-weight and wide-grip handle for better control. There is an easy release push button at the back which makes it convenient to change cartridges without any fuss. The Razors come in three vibrant colors- Jet Black, Midnight Blue and Tuscan Yellow

    Diamond Coated Blades:

    From the house The Man Company comes men’s razor blade that is strong and stays sharper longer.  5+1 blades made with German technology and design. The Ionic Carbon Edge technology of these diamond-coated blades assures durability and sharpness of the edges. 5 L-shaped blades placed closely for comfort shave and easy rinse and promises no pulling and tugging. On the back, there is a styling trimmer blade for precision trimming and shaping of the edge. A special lubricated strip with Vitamin E and Aloe Vera is placed right on top of the 5 blades to avoid irritation. It refreshes and hydrates the skin. The razor comes with an easy release push button at the back which makes it convenient to change cartridges without any fuss and cuts.

    Magnetic Razor Stand:

    Our razor stand provides a striking and practical setting for the razors. The smooth matte finish black top and magnetic base gives the perfect place for the razor to rest. Its petite style makes it ideal for even cramped settings of the washroom.

    The stand can easily be cleaned with water and the surface groove becomes the perfect seat for the razor to rest between shaves. The stand is scratch-free and rust free this making it ideal for the moisture laden washroom setting

    Travel Friendly Razor Case:

    This razor case is simple, tactile and robust. It provides the perfect protection for the diamond coated blades and the wide comfortable handle. The silicone material is soft, safe and has a matte finish. The case is anti-pressure, waterproof and scratch-resistant.

    This light-weight yet hard-wearing silicone shell is perfected for gentlemen who boasts of an on-the-go lifestyle and is equally ideal for daily storage post usage. It’s easy to clean and the waterproof and breathable material keeps the razor dry and ventilated, prevents rust and thus makes it suitable for bathroom storage. The no fuss flip design is for easy open and close whilst traveling

    Packed in an exquisite signature box:

    The Premium 5 blade razor, diamond coated 4 piece cartridge, magnetic razor stand and Travel friendly razor case, come presented in a crafted, exquisite signature box. This box shows the appreciation for the gentlemen who knows how to go the extra mile. It’s a perfect gift to show you care